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What is like?

It’s like having your own advertising department – the new department that doesn’t need office space.

Having a business relationship with us is like having your own “in-house” communication department.


By definition, ad agencies are dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for people like you, who can’t give advertising the attention it deserves.

It’s our job and we love it!

Building experiences

Focusing our attention on building experiences that accomplish something is essentially what we do. These experiences are more likely to add value to someone’s day, as they are memorable, meaningful, and impactful.

Going further

It is no longer enough to tell your audience why the brand is the best, as they might not always receive the message. Allowing them to experience something first-hand – this is what will stick with them for years to come.


Storytelling is a powerful tool which can ensure you stand out, and what storytelling does extremely well is  allowing consumers to interact with the brands and employees make stronger connections with their companies, with truly emotional responses.

Why us?

We have the ability to produce creative campaigns and advise clients for a wide range of advertising services, for virtually any type of account, or company.

We are devoted to curating visceral experiences for our clients with our event management services. We truly believe in developing inclusive, more striking, memorable and more effective experiences for consumers, which are going to have the most impact for the brand. Through the power of storytelling, we can create the emotional responses that many marketers strive to achieve from their audience. 

From strategy, rationale and concept through design, budgeting, production, project management, execution and assessment, Kinesis is your turnkey partner for producing advertising projects of all types, every step of the way. Guided by decades of experience and relationships, our team has artfully balanced media, message and environment with total project accountability – maintaining the highest levels of excellence.


Kinesis is a movement or activity of a cell or an organism in response to a stimulus.

Therefore, the client is the stimulus and the Agency is acting. Or, even better, creating.

We ensure our success by ensuring our client’s success. We believe in building strong, lasting partnerships. Our clients came to us because we promised results. They stay because we deliver.

No matter what our clients are looking to achieve, it has always been our mission to craft quality solutions for any type of project, so we have the ability to fulfill your brand strategies and satisfy your stated objectives. With everything that we do, we’ve aligned our philosophy with the global movement of goodvertising, the creative advertising that cares!


We’re fueled by a core team of dedicated professionals, with a constant desire to exceed the client’s expectations, always trying to be under promising and over delivering.

With decades of experience in the design, development and flawless execution of complex projects that embrace all media formats, our team has access to the best minds in the business at every skill level.

We are focused on BTL, but we proved that we can proudly deliver creative campaigns using all the communication vehicles, unique digital marketing projects and outstanding video productions.


Branding and
Rebranding Campaigns

Helping brands to define themselves, in regard to who they are and what they stand for, in an authentic and appealing way. We provide innovative solutions and we are committed to helping our customers reach their marketing and communication goals.

Services offered:

Naming, Positioning, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustrations & Infographics, Print & Production services, Advertising campaigns on GDN and over different social media channels, Reports with campaign results


Audio & Video

Services offered:

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding and Video Editing, Single-camera / Multi-camera shoots and Post-production for TVC’s, Corporate Movies, Testimonials, Interviews, Advertorials and Tutorials, Product and Event Movies, Voice overs & Soundtracks production, 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics and animated logos.


Event Architecture
and Management

Services offered:

Event Design and Implementation services for B2B and B2C events such as Customer Events, Employee Events, Recognition Events, Product Launches, Sales Meetings, Management Conferences, Dealer Meetings, Franchisee Meetings, Distributor Meetings, Leadership Conferences, Investor Relations Meetings, Sporting Events, Grand Openings, Corporate Anniversary Celebrations, Training & Information Events, Technology Demonstrations, Exhibits and Showcases, Experiential Events, Press Conferences and Team Building Activities

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